Possible Showers
Ultimate Bridal and Baby Shower Planner for the iPad
Version 4.9
Comes with 282 preloaded ideas including, Bridal and Baby Shower, Decorations, Food Recipes, Invitations, and Games!!

Build and Plan your Bridal or Baby shower. The Possible Showers app makes planning your shower as easy as using a clipboard. 282 Preloaded Ideas for Games, Decorations, Invitations, and Food Recipes can be associated with individual or multiple showers.

You are unlimited in how many showers you can build out. Work on multiple showers at a time making this an ideal app if you are a professional or just planning a shower for a friend or loved one.


Shower Builder and Planner
To Do List Per Event
Guest List Per Event
Email notifications to Guests
Assign Ideas to Events
282 Preloaded Ideas
Add or Customize Ideas
Insert multiple pictures into ideas
Add New Categories/Ideas
Print your event at a glance
Print your ideas


iPad 1 - 4
iPad Mini